East Bay Paddle

Rent a kayak today and get out and play!   


Just 15 minutes from Providence, no beach traffic, 

an easy, peaceful paddle. 

East Bay Paddle is a drop-off, delivery service -- we are a mobile business and do not have a storefront or stand -- we meet you at the water's edge. Call us or use the reservation form on this site to let us know when and where to meet you with your kayak rental. Limited same day availability, please call ahead.

Kayak rental delivery available for adults and children, no experience necessary. Children accompanied by adults, youth-size kayaks available. (average youth age 6-10, up to 130 pounds)

Come explore the tranquil waters of Hundred Acre Cove and Brickyard Pond in Barrington, Rhode Island, perfect for all abilities, beginners welcome.

Payment accepted at time of rental can be cash, credit or debit. All payment forms available at the water's edge.